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What is ClearSilver?
ClearSilver is a fast and powerful HTML templating system.

ClearSilver is language neutral, allowing you to seamlessly mix C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, PHP, and any other programming language you use, all in the same site, or even the same page.

ClearSilver is fast, avoiding the problems created by language-specific template systems written in slow interpreted languages such as Python or Perl.

ClearSilver is easy to use. Unlike XML/XSLT, which are complicated to setup and understand. You'll quickly find that ClearSilver is the easiest way to develop dynamic webpages.


Here are some projects that at one time used ClearSilver.


  • wunderground.com - The Weather Underground serves comprehensive world-wide weather information to millions of users per day. (C)
  • Mollyguard - a Premium Service Enabler built on top of PayPal. (Python)
  • Xoom - The smarter way to send money. (Python)
  • BroadOn - Clearsilver is used for templating of the web-UI for an embedded device. (C)
  • Bloglines - Used by the server based RSS aggregator. (C)
  • Plaxo - Used by the website portion of this shared address book. (C)
  • Techdirt Wireless - Just one of many enterprise blog sites run by Techdirt Corporate Intelligence. (C)
  • Discogs - Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels, and their recordings. (Python)
  • Google Groups - The new version of Google Groups uses ClearSilver. (C++/Python)
  • Orkut - Google's social networking site uses ClearSilver. (Java)


  • trac - an issue tracker with wiki-features and a bridge to subversion
  • Manhattan Virtual Classroom - a GPL'd course management system (C)
  • netcon - an operational machine and network monitoring and notification tool written in Python
  • Hassan Image Server - a server for sharing web-browsable photo repositories. (Python)
  • Gaku.net - Personal Portal written in ClearSilver, complete with a web-wikki (Ukki). (Perl)
  • Zild Application Server - Used as the template language (and ClearSilver ServerPages) of this C based Application Server. (C)
  • ezmlm-web - Web interface to ezmlm mailing list manager. (Perl)


ClearSilver comes with wrappers for use in Java, Ruby, C#, Python and Perl. There are additional wrappers available:


  • Although it's not using the ClearSilver code, Yahoo Groups! is authored in ClearSilver's ancestor, "CS/HDF". (C, Python)
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