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Why Clearsilver?
Clearsilver Basics
   HDF Dataset
   Template Syntax
   CGI Kit
      Config Vars
API Reference
   C API
   Python API
   Perl API
   Java API

Comparison with PHP, ASP, JSP
Comparison with XML/XSLT




The following tools are available to help with Clearsilver related projects:
  • Python CSPage.py - This is a convinence class for writing pages using Clearsilver. CSPage maps form post actions to method names. For example, if you submit a form with a query variable named "Action.Send", then CSPage will dispatch this to the method Action_Send(). This class also has convinence functions for handling redirection and cookies.
  • Python odb.py - This is an object to relational database mapping kit. Along with hdfhelp.py, this eliminates the need to write basic SQL to read and write data, gives you a good place to compartmentalize other SQL, and provides a very easy to use bridge between your database and HDF.
  • Python trans.py - This is an internationalization tool written using ODB and Clearsilver which does automatic language extraction and string management. This allows you to leave your templates in whatever native language is most familiar, and let trans do the work of producing string files for translation into other languages. A persistant database of strings is kept, allowing trans to map existing strings to existing translations, and produce lists of untranslated strings in any language.
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